Isle of Wight Social media support

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Isle of Wight Social media support

Isle of Wight Social media support – By Nosy Design a foremost leader in social media services for Isle of Wight businesses

Free Initial Facebook Consultation For Your Business!!

Small Businesses Tutoring:

We don’t believe that small businesses (1 – 4 employees) will gain much from a standard ‘social media management’ package.

Why? Because every cost matters and if you have too much coming out in the initial stages of your business you will find it more difficult to succeed. We could offer you a ‘low cost’ package, but realistically this will not provide the results that your business needs.

So, what can we offer you? We can provide you with social media training and guidance – which allows you to keep the cost low and have the control of your business’ online presence.

Medium – Large Businesses Social Media Management:

We offer medium – large businesses social media management packages. When you are at this size, an extra cost invested into social media management should return itself in additional sales and in saved staffing costs. Why the staffing costs? Because when you are at this size, it’s more than likely that you have some sort of social media presence, think how many hours per month one (or more) of your employees spends managing Facebook, Twitter etc. and what they could be doing instead if someone was doing this work for them.

All price packaged are custom to your business type and needs, however we want to be transparent with you. As an example, this is what £100 per week could get you:

  • 10-14 Facebook posts per week
  • 17-21 Tweets per week
  • 10-14 Instagram posts per week
  • 10-14 LinkedIn posts per week
  • Monthly reports with a clear action plan
  • Relevant replies to all comments on Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram

You can find out more about how your business may benefit through teaming up with Nosy Design, Please visit their website HERE

Isle of Wight social media support

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